Volunteer Excellence Award

The Volunteer Excellence Award was created to recognize and honor alumni who have enriched the University of Pittsburgh through their volunteer efforts.

Volunteer Excellence Award

Pitt Alumni Association President Gary Brownlee, Volunteer Excellence Award Winner Bruce Mountjoy (CGS ’91), Tracy Floyd (NURS ’91), Darryl Floyd (A&S ’89, MED ’94G), John P. Gismondi (A&S ’75, LAW ’78), Gordon Louderback (ENGR ’13), and Executive Director, Pitt Alumni Association Jeff Gleim.

Nomination Forms

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Tony Fountain (A&S ’70)

Throughout his life, Tony Fountain has invested untold hours as a dedicated University of Pittsburgh volunteer and advocate.

His commitment to volunteerism and activism began when he was a student at Pitt, where Fountain was a founding member of the Black Action Society. He has remained a tireless supporter of his alma mater—as a longtime member of the African American Alumni Council—serving as its president from 2011-2013 and participating in numerous Pitt Alumni Association activities, including Pitt Advocates, Dinner with 12 Panthers, and Pitt Make a Difference Day. He has also served as a volunteer and mentor at Pitt’s Hesselbein Global Summits on Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. He has provided generous financial support to Pitt, including having established the Anthony S. and Lark T. Fountain Scholarship for undergraduate students in the College of General Studies.

He has served numerous other organizations that make a difference in his communities including Urban Youth Action of Pittsburgh, the American Red Cross of Central New Jersey, the Sierra Club, and the Clark County School District program partnership.

After having enjoyed a more than 40-year career in leadership positions with URS Power Business Group and for several large Department of Defense and Department of Energy projects, in 2015, Fountain founded Support America’s Teachers, a non-profit organization’s that actively supports public school teachers; provides scholarships for future teachers; and raises awareness about the importance of investing in education.

Fountain earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications at Pitt and went on to earn his Master of Business Administration at Loyola University Maryland.

Past Recipients

2017 | Bruce Mountjoy, CGS  ’91

2016 | Angela Timashenka Geiger, A&S ’92, KGSB ’97

2015 | Stuart W. Benson, III LAW ’75 and Valerie L. Thomas-Njie EDUC ’71

2014 | Emil M. Spadafore, Jr., Esq., A&S ’71

2013 | Kevin M. Conley, PhD, EDUC ’93, SHRS ’05

2012 | Wesley C. Pickard, ENGR ’61 and Juliana Shayne, NURS ’73

2011 | Arnold M. Epstein, EDUC ’69 and Valerie C. Ketchen, A&S ’81

2010 | Mary Ellen Callahan, Esq., A&S ’90 and Linda Wharton Boyd, PhD, A&S ’72, ’75, ’79

2009 | Herbert Dodell, A&S ’61, Willard R. Hoel, Jr., KGSB ’60, and Louis W. Rusiski, III, ENGR ’71

2008 | Gary T. Brownlee, A&S ’74, KGSB ’78 and Brian R. Moreland, UPG ’98

2007 | Ernest J. Mantini, D.M.D., UPJ, ’79, DEN ’83 and Patricia J. Mathay, KGSB ’92

2006 | Scott A. Baker, CGS ’94, S. Jeffrey Kondis, ENGR ’77, KGSB ’82, Thomas M. Meisner, PhD, A&S ’68, EDUC ’70, ’78, and Charles M. Russell, Jr., ENGR ’59, ’70, GSPIA ’70

2005 | Mary F. Archey, EDUC ’68, William T. Green, Jr., M.D., KGSB ’89, GSPH ’01, and Francis J. Rattay, A&S ’68, ’70

2004 | J. Byron Fleck, A&S ’75, Loren Jefferies-Pulliam, NURS ’92, and Sam S. Zacharias, A&S ’64

2003 | Ronald J. Hornak, ENGR ’67 and Timothy D. Pecsenye, Esq., A&S ’84, LAW ’87

2002 | Daniel K. Boyd, KGSB ’57, Bernard J. Fedak, ENGR ’68, KGSB ’73, Ruth A. Forsyth, A&S ’76, and Christopher J. Shinkman, PhD, EDUC ’69

2001 | Grace Burns Ghoshhajra, EdD, EDUC ’79, David L. Johnson, A&S ’63, Andrew J. Kuzneski, Jr., KGSB ’62, and Cynthia L. Roth, NURS ’81

2000 | William J. Cully, A&S ’49, Brian Generalovich, D.M.D., A&S ’66, DEN ’68, J. Roger Glunt, BUS ’60, Trish R. Henninger, A&S ’77, and Felix “Bebe” H. Miller, M.D., A&S ’50, MED ’55

1999 | Janet G. Frisch, CGS ’79, Roslyn M. Munsch, A&S ’80, and Ernest M. Varhola, ENGR ’59

1998 | Susan A. Albrecht, PhD, NURS ’75, ’78, EDUC ’81, Pauline C. Long, EDUC ’73, KGSB ’95, and Joan M. Smith, ENGR ’58

1997 | Becky Byerly Brandt, A&S ’88, Michael A. Bryson, A&S ’68, Warren B. Dana, A&S ’48*, Richard J. Gradisek, D.M.D., A&S ’77, DEN ’81, and Bernard J. Mack, A&S ’88

1996 | Fern M. Moskowitz, A&S ’69

1995 | David A. Farrell, A&S ’69, Beth Hoffman Leon, A&S ’86, GSPIA ’88, James M. Lavine, ENGR ’38, Deborah Lendo Finke, A&S ’81, and Aloysius T. McLaughlin, Jr., ENGR ’57

1994 | David D. Chitester, ENGR ’74, Susan Schindel Ellsweig, EDUC ’68, James M. Kirkwood, PHARM ’65, F. James McCarl, III, CGS ’73, and Alexander M. Minno, M.D., A&S ’43, MED ’47

1992 | Jerome C. Molitor, A&S ’71, Leslie S. Pierce, M.D., A&S ’36, MED ’38, Robert Schwartz, SOC WK ’67, Dorothy C. Scott, M.D., NURS ’46, MED ’56, and H. Woodruff Turner, Esq., A&S ’71

1991 | Eva Tansky Blum, Esq., A&S ’70, LAW ’73, Jeffrey S. Blum, Esq., A&S ’69, LAW ’73, Henry G. LaRosa, EDUC ’41, Sally Oleon, PhD, A&S ’48, ’58, EDUC ’50, Ralph F. Wilps, Sr., ENGR ’30, and Stella R. Yaksich, PhD, NURS ’53, GSPH ’58, EDUC ’69

1990 | Marlyn E. Carle, BUS ’59, Carmine A. Durzo, D.D.S., A&S ’53, DEN ’57, Jan W. Erfert, BUS ’58, Betty Harvey, CGS ’69, Peter A. LaPlaca, ENGR ’67, and Anthony G. Massoud, ENGR ’63

1989 | Joseph E. Greubel, BUS ’49, Edward C. Ifft, Jr., A&S ’58, Harold L. McHail, A&S ’47, Mildred M. Trice, PhD, EDUC ’47, ’82, and William B. Trice, D.M.D., A&S ’51, DEN ’53