The Pitt Alumni Association Membership Program is going through some changes.

In order to serve all Pitt alumni and be a more welcoming association, we are making some exciting changes to our membership program, effective July 1, 2016.

We will no longer charge membership dues in an effort to remove barriers and encourage all alumni to participate in association programming. We are excited about the opportunity to engage more Pitt alumni without the need to charge dues. As we move forward, our goal is to reconnect as many Pitt alumni to their alma mater and welcome everyone with open arms. In anticipation of the move we stopped soliciting and processing new and renewal memberships as of December 1, 2015.

As the Pitt Alumni Association celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, we are focused on the opportunity to be more inclusive of all alumni. But as a longstanding University institution, we have not lost sight of the important contributions our life members have made to the long-term financial health of the Pitt Alumni Association.

We are dedicated to helping our alumni and friends understand how changes to the membership program will affect them. Please view our frequently asked questions for more detailed information on the impact for life and annual members. If you cannot find the answer you need on the FAQ page, please contact us at or 412-624-8228.

Impact on life members

Our life members have made a long-term commitment to the University and we will continue to honor that moving forward. They will always maintain their status in the Pitt Alumni Association including their benefits and invitations to special events. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are changes being made to the membership program?

We want to better serve all 315,000 graduates of the University of Pittsburgh to ensure we are helping to connect, engage and inspire all of our alumni. We are excited about the opportunity to meet more of your needs and increase our global network of active alumni.

I am a life member. How do these changes affect me?

All life members will maintain life membership status in the alumni association regardless of these changes. That includes receiving the same benefits you always have enjoyed. Also, not all alumni will be receiving the member benefits for free. Only life members will have access to these perks.

I am an annual member. How do these changes affect me?

All annual members, current or past, will have the opportunity to upgrade to a life membership and receive member benefits and status for life. We want to make sure you know how important your past contributions were to the association so we will apply any previous dues towards the cost of a life membership.

If you have paid enough in annual dues throughout your lifetime to cover the cost of a life membership, you will be automatically upgraded to a life membership effective immediately. We will be sending life member packets to these individuals in April 2016.

Current annual members who choose not to upgrade will still retain their membership status through their membership expiration date. We will not cancel any annual memberships before their end date.

Will members receive more information on the changes?

All current and past life and annual members were sent information regarding the changes in March 2016. The letters outlined how the changes affected them specifically and what their options were moving forward. If you are a member and have not received anything, please call us at 412-624-8228 or e-mail and we will provide you with more details.

Is it still possible for me to support the Pitt Alumni Association financially?

Yes, alumni and friends can still support student and alumni programming in the PAA by making a gift to the Circle of Excellence Fund, the PAA Endowed Scholarship Fund or the Lantern Night Fund. Visit the Ways to Give page for more information or to make a contribution online.

Where can I find my login information?

Your login information is located on the back of your membership card or in your life member packet. If you can’t locate it, please email us at

I lost my Alumni Membership card. How do I request a new one?

Just email us at and we will be happy to send you a new one.

As a member of the Pitt Alumni Association, do I receive a calendar every year?

Lifetime members of the Alumni Association receive the calendar for free every year.  Calendars are mailed out near the end of each year.