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Spreading Pitt pride since 1992!

Blue and Gold History

The Blue and Gold Society was founded in 1992 by the University of Pittsburgh Alumni Association. The association was looking for 25 juniors and seniors who were well spoken, involved on campus, and able to act as student representatives for the university.  While the same holds true today, members now include sophomore student leaders as well.

The first president of the Blue and Gold Society was Christine Dockey. She helped develop the society’s outstanding reputation on campus. Since then, 26 presidents have followed in her footsteps. In addition, the Blue and Gold Society has served under three Chancellors: J. Dennis O’Conner, Mark Nordenberg, and Patrick Gallagher. Although responsibilities have grown in number of duties and events, the foundation of the Blue and Gold Society remains strong and true – our members are student leaders full of Pitt pride; they are ambassadors for the University, representing the student body among alumni, faculty, and staff.  


Blue and Gold Society Presidents

1992-93: Christine Bienkowski

1993-94: Christine Bienkowski

1994-95: Heather Heinrichs Walker, MD

1995-96: Andy Wueterle 

1996-97: Cecily Tibbs 

1997-98: Alyson Wallach Kavalaukas 

1998-99: Michael Vozniak 

1999-2000: Katie Anderson 

2000-01: Jennifer Smith 

2001-02: Jessica Zolomij

2002-03: Kate Plowey 

2003-04: Peter Stopp 

2004-05: Heather Harmon 

2005-06: Stephen Gonzalez 

2006-07: Stephen Gonzalez 

2007-08: Alex Plocki 

2008-09: Travis Hamilton 

2009-10: Max Greenwald 

2010-11: Amanda Johnson 

2011-12: Julian Baptiste 

2012-13: CJ Bonge

2013-14: Joseph Kozak

2014-15: Rachel Cawley

2015-16: Megan Schlegelmilch

2016-17: Timothy Joy

2017-18: Peter Eyre

2018-19: Maddie Guido

2019-20: Regina Munsch


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