Pitt Send-Offs

Summer 2019

Pitt Send-Offs

 Pitt Students, Parents, and Alumni...
You're invited to a Pitt Send-Off!

Every summer, Pitt alumni clubs throughout the U.S. host Send-Off events to welcome incoming students to the Pitt family. Whether it’s a picnic in Florida, a baseball game in Minnesota, or a casual eatery in New York City, Pitt Send-Off events are a great way for Pitt Panthers from the same areas to get to know one another.

INCOMING FRESHMAN AND OTHER NEW STUDENTS …. Bring your parents and come meet current Pitt students and Pitt alumni from your hometown. They’d love to give you tips about how to make your time on campus the best you’ve ever had.

PARENTS … Pitt students and alumni will help you feel good about the experiences your sons and daughters will have at Pitt. Plus you might make new friends and find some opportunities to share travel back and forth to campus.

ALUMNI … You and the other Pitt alumni from your area are our best ambassadors and our students and their families will be happy to know they’re entering a community of such friendly and successful Pitt graduates.

Information on dates and locations is coming soon!