Pitt Send-Offs

Every summer, Pitt alumni clubs around the country host Pitt Send-Off gatherings, ranging from backyard barbecues to baseball outings, to welcome the newest class of Panthers to the Pitt family! Send-Offs help connect incoming students & families to each other and alumni in the region.

Pitt Sendoffs

Planning Your Pitt Send-Off

First, thank you so much for volunteering to host a Pitt Send-Off! We hope you never get tired of hearing how much we appreciate your help and enthusiasm! Send-Off events can be as simple or elaborate as you like.  In the past they have ranged from BBQ picnicspizza partiesdessert socials at an alum’s home or park pavilion, to a day at the horse races, or dinner in a popular restaurant.  Families of new students appreciate the alumni outreach & support no matter how your group decides to celebrate their kids!

We’ve revamped the Pitt Send-Off program with a few updated guidelines intended to create a more efficient process for all involved:

-The PAA oversees communication of all events to students & families through mailers, email, and social media. 

-In addition to our direct student outreach, we now have access to parents emails, via the Parent & Family Liaison Office, so we can communicate invites to them directly as well, which should help boost participation (Parents can be bit more adept at getting their kids to attend!). Also, to provide a fuller experience for all attendees, we’d look to invite current Pitt students & their families to the event along with freshmen.

-Interested students & families will be prompted to RSVP for an event in their area via an online registration form located on the Send-Off directory page on the PAA website. RSVP tallies will be shared regularly with event hosts for their respective planning purposes. RSVP deadlines should be set to a few days prior to the event date to allow for conclusive participant tallies and event arrangements.

-The PAA will send the host an event package that includes brief activity outlines & talking points, raffle items for the students, giveaways, name tags, decorations, Student Alumni Association membership info, Parent & Family Liaison Office info, reimbursement / event checklist, etc.

-The PAA will reimburse all send-off hosts for associated event expenses up to $1000. Complete reimbursement details are listed further below.

Picking a Send-Off Date

We suggest hosting your send-off in late July or early/mid August to allow for ample event promotion & attendee response time. Weekend dates usually allow for the most participation from students, families, and alumni alike. You can submit your event details by clicking here.

When planning your event, please avoid the dates below as they represent dates for Pitt Start Programs:

Pitt Start Dates
July 2017
July 10 & 11 (Monday-Tuesday)
July 12 & 13 (Wednesday-Thursday)
July 17 & 18 (Monday-Tuesday)
July 24 & 25 (Monday-Tuesday)
July 31 & August 1 (Monday-Tuesday)
August 2017
August 21 & 22 (Monday-Tuesday)
TBD - Final Orientation TBD - Classes Begin
Send-Off Event Reimbursement

As a Send-Off host, the Pitt Alumni Association is able to help you defray the costs of the event, in compliance with University policies and procedures.

How much can we spend?

As a send-off host, you are able to spend as much as you would like on the event, however, the University will reimburse, based on receipts, the club or individual up to $100 for hosting the event and then an additional $10 per registrant (student, family member, alum, & guest).

All registrants are captured through our online event registration system. Registration reports will be provided intermittently to hosts prior to their event date for planning purposes.

Tips of 20% or lower of the total bill will be reimbursed by the University. Anything above that will not be reimbursed.

Overall reimbursements, regardless of total cost, will be capped at $1,000.

What if we charge for the event?

We can only reimburse actual expenses (expenses less any revenues). If a guest pays for their attendance, that amount must be deducted from the reimbursement total.

What about alcohol? What if we have the event at a place that serves alcohol?

We do not reimburse for alcohol or bartender service. Alcohol is not to be served at events where students are present.

Our event was great! What do we do next?

When your event is completed, please submit the following to Brittany Turley no later than September 30th, 2017.

NEW this year! All receipts and sign-in sheets can now be submitted electronically! This can be done by: (1) take a picture of each document (make sure the picture is clear and can be read) OR (2) scan documents OR (3) save documents that are already digital and attach them to an email to Brittany @ bat32@pitt.edu.

If you do not have the means to send the documents digitally, you may still mail them in to: Brittany Turley 140 Alumni Hall, 4227 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260.

  • Original itemized event receipts: receipts must only contain items for the sendoff event, no personal items (i.e. diapers, cereal, lunch meat, etc.)
  • Sendoff sign-in sheet: with name, affiliation, & email
  • Completed W-9 form:
    • This can be faxed (412-624-8288 Attn: Brittany) or mailed (address above) prior to or after the event
    • If you or the club has been reimbursed by the University before, this may not be necessary unless any information has changed (i.e. address)
    • This reimbursement will not affect your taxes, rather the W-9 is used for Payment Processing’s computer system. The University prefers to have everyone in the system under one record. When a W-9 is submitted, a record is created. If the University would need to pay an individual/company for a service, the record, for tax reasons would already be created. Your W-9 will be securely handled and filed within the University’s system.

When will we get our check?

Lastly, along with following University policy and procedures, we are also held to their processing times. Occasionally, reimbursements can take 4+ weeks to process and mail out once all documents are received. If you have circumstances that place you in need of a quicker turnaround time, please contact Ron Idoko or Kenny Donaldson. 

What if I want to donate the expenses from the event?

If you are interested in donating the expenses for the event to the University as a ‘Gift in Kind,’ please contact Ron Idoko and he can connect you with Megan O’Neill who handles this process. You will still need to provide original receipts along with an attendance list in order to receive credit for this event.  

Pitt Send-Off Event Submission Form

If there were other alumni that had expressed an interest in assisting with an event, don’t hesitate to reach out to them and get their support/ideas!

If you are in need of additional information please contact Ron Idoko.

Photos/Social Media: we will be sending photos release signs in the event boxes that must be displayed if photos will be taken and shared with us or on social media. Please use the hashtag #pittsendoffs to share photos on club or personal social media accounts. Also, feel free to send any photos to Tyler Perrino via email (typ8@pitt.edu) to be used on our website and future advertisements for the event. 

We look forward to your participation in this awesome event! 

Hail to Pitt!